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Official channel of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan
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🌐PrimeMinister.kz 13 Jun 2019, 10:47
Prescribing enhances rational use of drugs and prevents self-treatment — Lyudmila Byurabekova http://s.pm.kz/doMD
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 13 Jun 2019, 09:47
Askar Mamin introduces new minister of education and science of Kazakhstan http://s.pm.kz/doHT
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 13 Jun 2019, 09:44
In July 2019, limit prices to be set for all drugs for retail sales — Ministry of Healthcare http://s.pm.kz/do3D
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 12 Jun 2019, 09:49
Press conference to be held on sale of medicines http://s.pm.kz/dWDM
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 12 Jun 2019, 09:40
Foreign investments — to build hospitals http://s.pm.kz/dWDB
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 11 Jun 2019, 09:42
Implementation of farm loan programs increased agricultural production by 3.7% — Ministry of Agriculture http://s.pm.kz/dXlW
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 11 Jun 2019, 09:29
Ministry of Energy: Annual oil production plan will be implemented http://s.pm.kz/dXZP
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 11 Jun 2019, 09:01
Production in light industry increased by 23% — Roman Sklyar http://s.pm.kz/dXYX
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 11 Jun 2019, 08:30
Economic growth of 4%: Government’s task is to ensure implementation of strategic course of Elbasy and fulfill program of the elected president http://s.pm.kz/dX8c
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 11 Jun 2019, 08:09
Government of Kazakhstan sums up budget execution results for January-May 2019 http://s.pm.kz/dXIw
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 11 Jun 2019, 07:51
According to results of five months in 2019, positive GDP dynamics maintained — Ministry of National Economy http://s.pm.kz/dF68
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 10 Jun 2019, 08:31
Meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan to be held June 11 in Ukimet Uyi http://s.pm.kz/d2ew
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 10 Jun 2019, 07:40
Video Digest: Main events of the week, No. 15 http://s.pm.kz/d2Gt
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 9 Jun 2019, 06:42
Prime Minister Askar Mamin votes at presidential election in Kazakhstan http://s.pm.kz/d3UA
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 7 Jun 2019, 15:23
Spring sowing area​​ in 2019 amounted to 19 million hectares — А. Saparov http://s.pm.kz/dJ4D
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 7 Jun 2019, 11:59
Sixty-five billion tenge allocated for purchasing agricultural equipment for spring sowing and harvesting in 2019 http://s.pm.kz/duw8
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 7 Jun 2019, 11:10
Spring sowing area​​ in 2019 amounted to 19 million hectares — Ministry of Agriculture http://s.pm.kz/duDF
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 7 Jun 2019, 02:50
Bakhytbek Imanaliyev relieved as chairman of Committee on State Material Reserves http://s.pm.kz/duI9
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 6 Jun 2019, 10:13
Press conference to be held on sowing results http://s.pm.kz/ds2j
🌐PrimeMinister.kz 6 Jun 2019, 10:13
Development of online travel in Kazakhstan: What tourists need to know http://s.pm.kz/dsH6